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Discontinuation Notice for the SF339

Effective immediately due to parts availability, the SF339 emergency switch used with the NC110, NC150, NC200, NC300II, Tek-CARE®500 and Tek-CARE400P5 systems is discontinued. This station places an emergency call using a mushroom style push button. The alternative is an emergency switch with optional pull cord. The alternative part number will vary based on the system required. [caption…
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Discontinuation Notice for PK800A

Effective immediately, the PK800A auxiliary power supply for the NC110, 150 and 200 systems is discontinued. The discontinuation of the PK800A will not alter the capacity load for any of the affected systems. In installations where power consumption is beyond the capabilities of one IH151NK or PK152 power supply, additional IH151NKs can be purchased and…
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Discontinuation Notice for SF067, NC267 & NC367

Effective immediately, the SF067 Pendant, and the NC267 & NC367 Momentary and latching receivers for the SF067 are discontinued. We do have very limited quantities of each item that will be available for sale only while supplies last. US List Prices can be found below. SF067 US List price 104.00 NC267 US List Price 134.20 NC367 US List…
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