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Product Release Bulletin #91: TA415L and TA415LB Handsets

Extended Handsets for Improved Ergonomics and Audio Quality As part of TekTone’s continuous improvement process, we have developed and released improved versions of the handsets used with the NC415AV and NC404TS Master Stations. The extended handsets provide better ergonomics to the user, as well as improved sound isolation within the handset itself, resulting in better…
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Technical Support Bulletin (TSB47): Tek-CARE Software Version 1.22.10

Pre-Upgrade Notice The newest version of Tek-CARE Software brings a completely new user interface to the legacy Gen1 NC402TS and NC401VFD. Both Master Stations now have user interfaces that closely match the Gen2 (NC415AV/NC404TS) Master Stations. The updated user interface provides for a quicker and much more responsive experience from the Gen1 Master Stations. Before…
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Technical Support Bulletin (TSB46): Using the CT160 2-Wire to CAT5 Converter

Converting 2-wire bus to CAT5 on the Tek-CARE120 and Tek-CARE160 Systems Two new products are now available to simplify and expedite the installation of Tek-CARE120 and Tek-CARE160 systems, the CT160 and the CT160K. The only difference between the two part numbers is the CT160K includes a complete plastic mounting housing. The CT160 is a small…
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Technical Support Bulletin (TSB 43): Tek-CARE Platform Software Update Process

Due to recent developmental efforts and platform improvements to the Tek-CARE system, changes have been made to the firmware that runs on addressable stations, master stations, and dome lamps on the Tek-CARE Platform. It is vitally important that any technician who is updating a Tek-CARE120, Tek-CARE 160, Tek-CARE400P5 or Tek-CARE400P5+ system be patient during the…
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