October 5 - 11, 2020 is reserved for Active Aging Week! During this week, we shine a positive light on aging and older adults who are keeping active. Despite what many think, adults over 50 continue to be active and live their lives uninterrupted, and Active Aging Week aims to promote that through stories and activities throughout the country.

Through partnerships and other programs, exercise and activity provide endless benefits for people of all ages. Whether it be yoga, walking or even just socializing, older adults reap the benefits of continuing to live life as normal.

While activity is important, so is safety. At any age, it's vital that help is near if needed. TekTone is proud to provide technologies that ensure the safety of active residents and independent individuals alike, with wearable pendants and also passive monitoring technologies available through our acquisition of Stay Smart Care.

Health and safety should always be a major priority, and this week we are excited to embrace active aging and flip the switch on what it means to be an aging adult.

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