2011 Factory Training—1st Quarter

2001 First Quarter Training CalendarUpcoming Tek-CARE®NC300II training class dates are: Jan. 17-18, Feb. 21-22 and Mar. 21-22.

Upcoming Tek-CARE®400 training class dates are: Jan. 10-11, Feb. 14-16 and Mar. 14-16.

Maximum class size is 8 people. All sectors of the business are invited, from end users to distributors.

If you would like to send personnel in for training, please email Judy Hartley, or call her at (800) 327-8466 ext. 119, to schedule a date.

If you would like to train several technicians at once, bring our technical training to your facility. Please email
Darrin Carpenter, or call him at (800) 327-8466 ext. 131, for details.

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