NC305LCD Master Station for the Tek-CARE300 II

NC305LCD Master Station

Corridor Dome/Zone Light

Corridor Dome/Zone Light

Resident/Patient Station

IR320B Dual Resident/Patient Station with DIN Jacks

Pillow Speaker

SF41ZDL Pillow Speaker
with DIN Plug

Bath Station

SF337C Water Resistant
Bath Station

Code Switch

SF341B Code Switch

The Tek-CARE300 II Nurse Call System is designed for nursing homes, assisted living facilities, long-term care facilities, hospitals and medical centers, and provides all the latest features and functions required by today's health care professionals.

TekTone’s Tek-CARE300 II nurse call system provides facilities with everything needed to increase staff efficiency and job satisfaction. The system includes all the features and connectivity you expect from an advanced system.

The system’s NC305LCD nurse master station includes a built-in monitor that displays pending calls in color, including such information as room description and resident/patient name. The master station is easy to use and provides crystal-clear audio communication.

The NC403TS Tek-CARE Monitor is a new product designed to simplify viewing calls on the Tek-CARE Network. The NC403TS annunciates call activity on a sleek 22” touchscreen monitor while utilizing the familiar Tek-CARE user interface. The unobtrusive monitor can be placed anywhere throughout the facility.

Newly redesigned LED dome lights seamlessly blend in with existing decor, virtually disappear when switched off, and eliminate costly bulb replacement.

Staff presence registration via nurse/aide presence switches locates staff quickly and efficiently — without using overhead paging. Adding a Tek-PAGING system enables communication with staff on the move.

Tek-CARE300 II is a fully independent system that does not rely on computers, ensuring reliability and safety. Every component is UL® 1069 Listed for use in skilled nursing facilities, hospitals and medical centers.

Improve facility efficiency by adding a Tek-CARE Appliance Server with software options including event monitoring, reporting, email output, and enhanced staff paging. Calls are logged to monitor staff response time, facility efficiency, and accountability. Required paperwork can often be replaced with reports generated by the Tek-CARE Reporting software.

Integrate a variety of systems together by adding software modules to the Tek-CARE Appliance Server. The server can display and report on calls and events from any modern TekTone nurse call system — plus a variety of other systems, such as fire and security systems.

With the NC330SW Database Editing Utility (for Microsoft Windows®), you can open the station programming database file in a spreadsheet program (such as Microsoft® Excel) and edit each field. Edit the database file on the PC in your office or on a laptop at the job site, and then download the edited file to the nurse call system.

NC403TS Tek-CARE Monitor