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Tek-CARE®400 Nurse Call System

5 Year Warranty

Tek-CARE400 nurse call system master station

The Tek-CARE®400 is one of the most advanced nurse call systems on the market, while staying both nurse- and patient-friendly.

Choices abound with the Tek-CARE®400. The system includes both a master with 10" color LCD touchscreen and a master with a 4×40-character vacuum fluorescent display (VFD), as well as many station and peripheral choices. Each system can be programmed to meet the needs and goals of your facility, while providing you with your choice of a centralized or a decentralized system configuration. The Tek-CARE®400 runs on a proprietary network and uses no personal computers (which are prone to lockups and viruses).

Tek-CARE400 integrates with TekTone's Tek-PAGING pocket pager system The pleasant call tones provided at the nurse master station lower ambient noise levels, via adjustable volume and tone styles. Full duplex audio ensures that no word is missed, increasing patient satisfaction.

Nurses benefit from the additional mobility provided by pagers that can be integrated into the system. Combined with Tek-MMARS® management and reporting software, the Tek-CARE®400 will provide you with the most efficient and nurse-friendly system on the market today.

New features include attend and pre-announce tones. The included configuration software simplifies system programming and customization, via a laptop computer. The system is UL® and cUL® Listed. Patient stations and patient call peripherals have been tested by UL® to 30Kv ESD.

Tek-CARE400's LCD master station includes a touchscreen & pull-out keyboard The NC402TS touchscreen master provides both a graphical icon view and a list view of the unit, and can display calls from the entire facility. Additional screens are easily accessed for reassigning devices at shift change. The master includes a built-in keyboard for creating custom pages and a membrane keypad for the most commonly used functions.

Both of the Tek-CARE®400 nurse master stations have small footprints, increasing the amount of space available at the nurses’ station. They are spill resistant, centrally powered and completely self-contained, without the use of an unreliable personal computer.

Tek-CARE400's VFD master station The NC401VFD master displays menus and up to four simultaneous calls on four brightly lit, easily read lines. The membrane keypad includes 20 programmable buttons that can be set for a variety of options, such as room assignments or system features.

Tek-CARE400 offers two styles of patient station The Tek-CARE®400 offers two styles of patient station. The first style includes a DIN jack and a 1/4" auxiliary input jack. The second style includes a DIN jack, plus additional buttons that can be programmed for such functions as staff emergency or staff presence. Dummy plugs are not required in unused jacks.

Full duplex audio plus individual station volume control provide both patients and nurses with communications tailored to meet each patient’s needs. Up to eleven peripheral devices can be connected to each patient station.

Tek-CARE400 offers several styles of corridor light Corridor lights are available in one-, two-, four- and six-bulb configurations. Supervision is optional on the four- and six-bulb versions. LED bulbs are also available.

The Tek-BRIDGE PC integrates the Tek-CARE®400 with a variety of hospital systems. Available software modules include management reporting, email output, and an interface for ADT systems using the HL7 standard. The system can also integrate with our Tek-CARE®700 Wander Management System, plus IP PBX telephone systems, and patient and asset tracking systems.

The Tek-MMARS® Management Monitoring and Reporting Software monitors the Tek-CARE®400 system, providing detailed information on all system activity. Connect Tek-MMARS® to the facility’s network and reports can be generated from any computer on the network—providing call data quickly to those who need it.

Tek-CARE®400 can also integrate with virtually any wireless telephone system, enabling two-way communication between staff and patients.

maximize staff efficiency Pagers provide staff with a simple, cost-effective way to increase mobility and productivity—by sending calls to them almost instantaneously. Setting the pagers to vibrate mode greatly reduces noise and virtually eliminates overhead paging.

Tek-CARE®400 is sold through regional TekTone® Elite Partners. To request more information, call our Sales Department at (800) 327-8466, option 2, or use our contact form.