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Communications for today... and tomorrow.

Tek-ALERT® Alert Integration Manager

Our new Tek-ALERT® Integration Manager allows your facility to seamlessly integrate calls and activities from all of your systems and route those calls to the appropriate caregiver. By integrating hard-wired nurse call, wireless nurse/emergency call, fire alarm, security and access control systems, Tek-ALERT® Integration Manager provides you with a single point to manage staffing, patient safety and maintenance.

Tek-ALERT<sup>®</sup> Alert Integration Manager

The core of the system, the Tek-BRIDGE® Server, was developed as part of TekTone®’s Tek-CARE® nurse call system, which is UL® 1069 listed and designed to rigorous life-safety standards. All events can be displayed on a nurses’ master station or via an event monitor running on any networked PC in the facility.

NC601 Tek-ALERT<sup>®</sup> PC - Tek-ALERT<sup>®</sup> Alert Integration System

Smart phones, PDAs, pagers and email can easily be integrated with your facility’s systems to ensure that the right staff member receives the right event notification at the right time.

Easily assign devices to staff members using any TekTone® event monitor. Changes are instantaneous and extremely easy to implement.

Add a Reporting license to generate activity reports for any system connected to the Tek-BRIDGE® Server. Reports can be itemized by device, time and day, location, and event type—and are easily exported to a spreadsheet. Administrative team members can create reports from any computer on your facility’s network.