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Nurse Call Systems Design Assistance

About Our Nurse Call Systems Design Assistance

TekTone® offers assistance in layout and design of healthcare communications systems. Many system options are available, including:

  • Combine alerts display and reporting from nurse call, fire, security and other life safety systems.
  • Combine alerts reporting from multiple facilities.
  • Integrating a wireless Tek-CARE®500 nurse/emergency call system with any of our UL®1069-listed hard-wired nurse call systems.
  • Add monitoring, reporting, paging and email output to any TekTone® nurse call system.
  • Add wireless phones, ADT Interface using the HL7 Standard, tracking interface, or wandering interface to the Tek-CARE®400 nurse call system.

For project design assistance, provide the following:

  • The request for proposal or information (RFP or RFI), or a description of the project, including:
    • Type of nurse call system required: tone/visual or audio/visual.
    • Ancillary systems required, such as pocket paging, smart phone integration, ADT interface, tracking interface, or wandering interface.
    • Whether management reporting is required.
    • Brand and model of external systems that will be integrated.

  • Blueprints (including the legend page) in PDF format. Details required include:
    • Number and location of single-patient rooms and associated bathrooms.
    • Number and location of dual-patient rooms and associated bathrooms.
    • Location of additional bathrooms, tub rooms and shower rooms.

The provided design configuration will not include cable layout and cable distances. TekTone® will advise the type of cable necessary and will provide some general guidelines. The distributor must lay out the cable runs.

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For assistance designing your facility's nurse call system and integrating it with other facility systems, please contact us using the form below.

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Estimates provided by TekTone® Sound & Signal Mfg., Inc. are provided as a service to our customers and are estimates only. While every effort is made to be as accurate as possible, a number of factors can affect the final quantities of specific items required for an order, including, but not limited to, changes in customer requirements, incorrect or incomplete plans, incomplete customer requests, and/or market specific AHJ (authority having jurisdiction) requirements. TekTone® shall not be responsible for any variation in amounts required for a complete system order based on information provided in the estimate. Customer assumes all responsibility for failing to properly verify all quantities and requirements of a complete system order.

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