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Mission Statement

TekTone®, a family-owned business, is committed to providing quality intercommunication solutions at competitive prices, supported by conscientious customer service, for the Health Care, Residential, and Commercial markets. This is founded on the principles of sound engineering, continuous product and process improvement, efficient manufacturing, cost-effective purchasing, and ultimately, through the dedication of our employees.

Quality Policy

TekTone® Sound & Signal Mfg., Inc. is committed to quality and excellence, and to creating the total satisfaction of our customers by meeting their requirements. We are further committed to establishing, pursuing and reviewing our production, delivery and service objectives in order to continually improve the effectiveness of our quality management system, and where possible exceed our customers' expectations.

We believe that customer satisfaction and continuous improvement can only occur in an environment where the Company's quality policy and quality system are regularly reviewed and reevaluated and are fully understood by every employee.

"Will what I am about to do help make it easy
for my co-workers and our customers?"

This should be each employee's final test of every activity.

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